Product Recall: Choking hazard on Next baby cardigan

RedHoodedCardigan Parents should be aware that there's a potential choking hazard on a Next cardigan which is designed for babies.

They say: "Next wants to make customers aware that there is a potential safety issue with the bobbles becoming detached from the sleeves. (There is a possibility that harm could be caused if this happens)."

"Please return the cardigan to your local store. If you have given this item as a gift, please ask the recipient to return it to any Next, Next Clearance or Next Outlet. They will not need a receipt to obtain a refund. If you have any concerns, please call Customer Services on 0333 777 8939."

"We're very sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience caused. But customer safety is a high priority for us."

There's also a recall on a children's product called 'Fish Face Sandals', where the 3D eyes that are on the front of the sandals can come off, again, "with the possibility that young children could choke, or gag on these small pieces. We would therefore recommend that you immediately stop using the product and contact us."

For the sandal recall, contact Next on 0333 777 8185 and they'll arrange a collection, or you can return them to your local store for a full refund.


  • Ian
    Next clothes in "fall apart at slightest provocation" shocker. Their clobber is utterly risible quality.
  • Ian
    Next clothes in “fall apart at slightest provocation” shocker. Their clobber is utterly risible quality.
  • Steff
    you should change the name of the site to bitter-recalls
  • tararaboomptiay
    "Contact Next on 0333..." Where you'll be through to a stressed call centre drone in Bangladesh on wages of a cup of rice a day. She is sitting next to the 7 year-old who made the cardigan and can give her a clip round the ear. Thanks, Next.

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