Product Recall: Bunny ears

Bunny Ear Pink 1 Whether you're a parent who has bought your child some bunny ears to play in, or a lady at the Playboy Mansion, you'll need to know about the product recall that's on a pair that are for sale in the UK.

The Bunny Ears come in both pink and black, and were sold between August 2014 and June 2015 and have a manufacturing defect. And what's that? Well, there's a sharp edge on the gold coloured border, and that might end up with someone getting an injury.

Bad news if your child loves wearing - less so if you're a drunk adult human.

If you have purchased the Bunny Ears Product Code: TY-56, then please stop using this product and contact D.G Enterprises on 07812816923.

There's a full refund on offer, if you want your money back.

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