Product recall: Asda children's Spider and Skull short sleeve t-shirt, with tattoos

Parents! There's a product recall on some clothes that you should know about, as a product is causing skin irritation.

Did you by your child a t-shirt from Asda with skulls on it, that came with stick-on tattoos? Did you buy them something that looked exactly like this?


Here's the recall details:

Product (spec) code for all sizes 885–1632–5585–700
Price; £3.00 for sizes 4/5-5/6-6/7-7/8
£4.00 for sizes 8/9-9/10-10/11-11/12
£5.00 for sizes 12/13-13/14

Asda are recalling all sizes of the Spider and Skull short sleeve t-shirt with tattoos. There is a risk that in some cases the tattoos may cause skin irritation. Customers should not use the tattoos provided with this t-shirt.

To help identify the product the sewing label attached on all sizes of the t-shirts will have a product spec code number of 885–1632–5585–700.

If you have purchased the Spider and Skull short sleeve t-shirt with tattoos please take the t-shirt and tattoos back to your local Asda. No receipt necessary.

If you would like any further information please contact: Asda Customer Relations – 0800 952 0101

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