Product Recall: Asda and Wilko 20 Washable Brush Pens and 12 Washable Colouring Pens

Have you bought 20 Washable Brush Pens for the kids? Or did you buy 12 Washable Colouring Pens from Asda? Well, you'll need to know that there's a product recall on them, thanks to safety concerns.

Basically, Asda have noticed that there's a potential choking hazard with these pens, and no-one wants to choke on a pen do they? There's more fun things to choke on, basically.

The packets concerned will have been bought from January 2014 and will have cost you £1.50/£1.60 a pack.

If you have either the 20 Washable Brush Pens or the 12 Washable Colouring Pens, and bought them any time since January 2014, then you are advised to take them back to your local Asda store immediately.

Don't let the kids use them again, obviously. Asda don't require a receipt for the return, but, should you have any questions, feel free to ring Asda Customer Relations on 0800 952 0101.

The full recall is over at the Trading Standards page.

Update 06/11/2015 - Wilko's fibre tip pens have also now been recalled. This update affects packets featuring item code: 0414902, 0417499, 0316425 and 0414900

If you need to speak to Wilko's customer service team, their number is 08000 329 329

Again, for full info on the recall, check out Trading Standards

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