Product Recall: Amazon Fire 7" and Kids Fire 7" power adapter

There's an email that is being sent out by Amazon, which says that they're recalling plugs on Amazon Fire 7" and Kids Fire 7". Now, if emails like this always end up in your spam folder, and getting deleted, here it is again for you.


So, you get a free replacement charger, which is good. A spokesperson for Amazon said: "This was a newly discovered issue and we sent out the customer notification as quickly as possible."

Anyway, click the link in the email that you receive, or get in touch with Amazon themselves if you have any further questions.

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  • Ste
    All the product recalls we seem to be awash with at the moment (not all for the benefit of dumb people, either) poses the question of when will there be a surge in QA roles springing up in these companies...?

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