Product Recall: Air Runner Self Balancing Boards at Halfords

25228-d6cf43aa2c84b26b19d06f7d80f40897 More recalls on those balance boards/swegboards that are so hot right now... possibly 'so hot' because a lot of them are rather unsafe.

Anyway, the Air Runner Self Balancing Boards which have been sold at Halfords are being recalled. This is what they have to say about it.

"We have identified that 152 Air Runner Balance Boards (black and white versions) are not fully compliant with British Standards, and could also potentially pose a fire risk. This affects products with the above serial numbers only, with no others affected."

"Whilst no accidents have been reported from customers who bought their Air Runner Balance Board from Halfords we are updating our guidance on the risk and urging customers not to use the product and return it with the mains plug and charger to their local Halfords shop, where they will receive a full refund."

"We take the quality and safety of our products extremely seriously and would like to apologise to customers affected for any inconvenience this may cause. Customers who have a query should contact our Customer Support team on 0345 504 53 53."

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