Pie Face recall - what's it all about?

pie face recall Have you seen the Pie Face product recall doing the rounds? Well, we've been ringing around to see what the image that's been appearing on social media.

With it being one of the most popular games this year, there's been a fair bit of chatter about it. We gave Hasbro a call, and initially, they hung up on us as soon as we got through, the cheeky gets. When we finally spoke to someone, they said that they'd seen this notice, and that it had been issued by B&M Stores.

Now, we spoke to B&M Stores and they said there was no recall on the Pie Face game. So, back to Hasbro, and it turns out that some counterfeit Pie Face games have been found at some B&M Stores, and these are the ones getting taken off the shelves.

So, if you have the proper, genuine version of the Pie Face game, you're fine. You don't need to do anything and there is no recall. If you don't believe us, you can ring Hasbro yourselves on 00800 22 42 72 76.

What do B&M have to say for themselves? Well, confusingly, they said that they have no recall notices issued on the game. If you want to call them, call 0151 728 5400. If you think you've bought a counterfeit version of the game from them, give them a shout.

Seeing as the game has pretty much sold out everywhere, it is little wonder there's a lot of fuss about Pie Face. However, in this instance, it looks to us like someone's mocked something up and stuck it on Facebook for a laugh. If you have a genuine Pie Face game, rest easy.


  • Dave
    It looks like a pile of absolute dross anyway.
  • Paula
    how do u know if it's real or fake??
  • Catherine C.
    I was just wondering if you have any of these in stock, I live in the Bradford Leeds district of West Yorkshire. Please would you let me know asap.
  • Sonja O.
    I got mine from Amazon brand new.. Everywhere else has sold out.. Not sure how you would tell if it was real or fake though? I believe mine is real?
  • Hasbro
    Hasbro has been made aware of counterfeit PIE FACE product available at B&M Bargains stores in the UK. These products have been withdrawn by B&M Bargains. This withdrawal does not affect the genuine Hasbro PIE FACE game, which continues to be available nationwide. We advise all consumers with concerns about counterfeit PIE FACE games purchased from B&M Bargains to contact B&M Bargains directly.
  • Sue
    I have just purchased counterfeit and have raised a complaint, this item is in demand and unfortunately there are fraudsters out there trying to con you
  • Moe
    I bought a counterfeit item on Amazon! The Amazon listing clearly showed (Hasbro) brand category, however the item was sold by a Chinese 3rd party who shipped me a counterfeit. Comparing the pictures, mine has no Hasbro logo written anywhere on the box. Be extremely careful when buying this toy.

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