Kiddu Car Seat Urgent Recall - Do You Own One of These?

kiddu recall

If you've been strapping your little darlings into one of these bad boys, you need to read this..

The Kiddu Lane Group 1/2/3 Car Seat (sold between June '12 and May '15) has been recalled due to THE HARNESS BUCKLE OPENING ON IMPACT. Yeah, seems when Kiddu get it wrong they really get it wrong.
This shocker of a problem has led the company to issue an urgent recall on all seats when used in Group 1 format  (i.e. with buckle and harness used as opposed to being used as a booster seat.)

So what do you do if you've one of these in your car?

Kiddu have set up a helpline for all concerned parents, they'll advise whether your product is one of those being recalled and how to go about receiving a refund - give them a call on 0161 702 5061

In a statement, Kiddu added

"We are very sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you understand that your child’s safety is our highest priority."

If you need more info on what to do if something you've bought is dangerous or has been recalled, check out our recall guide


  • Mrs E.
    hi, myself and my daughter have purchased a Kiddu Lane Group 1,2,3 in Red and Blue from Tesco's in April 2015. We thought it was my granddaughter that kept opening the harness easily but she's only 2.5yrs so it sounds like it's a fault. How do we go about being refunded with it being recalled back. Yours sincerely Mrs.L.Enos
  • Debbie l.
    I have in off theses I bought last year I am concerned Debbie liwe
  • Debbie l.
    I purchased this product 2014 I am concerned
  • tin
    What kind of new mental version of comment-spam is this?
  • bill
    Don't see how commenting repeatedly is going to help you. If you're so concerned then stop using the seat and chuck it, bimbo.
  • thingonaspring
    If you've bought one of these, and you've seen this notice, what is there to be concerned about now? Presumably nothing has happened. Stop using it, and nothing will! Follow the guide linked above...
  • Censorship a.
    It has taken Kiddu over a month to confirm what some parents already knew, the seat is dangerous, video of the buckle failing was posted after they originally claimed there was nothing wrong with the seat.
  • Gas M.
    Is mumsnet down?

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