Product Recall: URGENT recall on these Fisher Price Car Seats

URGENT RECALL - Fisher Price Car Seats

If you're popping your little bundle of joy into one of these three car seats, Fisher Price have issued an urgent recall.


The recall affects three seats and calls for customers to return their purchase to Argos immediately for a full refund.

We have identified a potential safety issue with three Fisher Price Car Seats. The safety restraints do not fully comply with our test   requirements and could compromise child's safety in the event of an accident.

If you have one of these car seats, please STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and return to an Argos store for a full refund, or replacement.

Argos have set up a helpline for customers with any questions regarding this recall - you can reach them on 0800 917 0722

Get more info on current product recalls and what you should do here



  • Karla P.
    hi how will i identify my seat as being one that needs to be recalled? it was purchased from the warehouse last yr thanks
  • Kellie O.
    I brought a fishers price 0-1 car seat in May 2013 from Argos, would this be the same one? Plus I don't have the receipt or! Can I still return? Many thanks Regards Kellie Oldfield
  • Fiona
    I have a fisher price car seat and I have to knot the straps to stop my child loosening. Not sure if same one so maybe fisher price have problem with more than 3???
  • Kim P.
    I am the same as Kellie above and purchased ours at approx the same time maybe a little later. Do we take ours back also?
  • Kim P.
    My enquiry is the same as Kellie above - purchased at a similar time - maybe a little later. Please advise. Thanks
  • Sonya
    I have one of these seats bought 2014 but not bought from Argos ! Are they all being recalled?
  • The K.
    I am king of all car seats, and I demand you puny mortals stop bothering me on a website that can't even deal with your issue.
  • jade
    I rang the helpline and was told it is only on these seats brought after 18th july 2015
  • Jessie J.
    Hi Jade, well done. At last someone with a 'brain'. Bang bang into the room.
  • Chantelle P.
    My car seat is Fisher Price, can I claim compo on a no win no fee basis.

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