ASOS withdraw exclusive radioactive belts

Hair falling out? Feeling a bit peaky? Mutated overnight? Well, it might be worth checking you’re not wearing a radioactive belt from ASOS. The online fashion retailer has had to withdraw a batch of really quite ugly peplum studded belts from sale when they tested positive for Cobalt-60.


The offending belts were made in India, where it’s normal practice to mix up a load of scrap base metals and melt them down without a thought about whether they may have radioactive properties. ASOS has recalled the 49 belts already sold, after an internal report, amusingly named ‘Project Purple Flower.’

The report found that: ‘None of these belts are suitable for public use or possession." (And also peplum belts are totes Spring/Summer 2012).

It continued: ‘Unfortunately, this incident is quite a common occurrence. India and the far east are large consumers of scrap metal for their home and foreign markets. During the refining process of these metals, orphaned radioactive sources are sometimes accidentally melted at the same time. This in turn [contaminates the process] and traps the radioactivity in the metal as an alloy or in suspension.'

But Haq International, the Indian manufacturer who ASOS claim supplied the belts, is currently disputing the case. They say the belts they supplied are not the same items that ASOS say are radioactive. So furious are the employees of the Royal Ascot Leather Factory in Uttar Pradesh, that they’re burning effigies of the ASOS bosses.

It's a crazy world, but possibly even crazier if you're wearing a radioactive belt. So if you own one, and someone says you look glowing, please send it back in a lead lined SAE before you die.

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