ASDA recalls gluten-free products because they're not gluten-free

ASDA recall

ASDA's gluten intolerant shoppers might want to check their kitchen cupboards for some of these products. Turns out, they're not gluten-free at all.. ASDA have held their hands up on the issue, blaming an incorrect flour batch being used and have asked customers to return the products to their nearest store. Over the weekend Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury's have also issued recall notices on products from their gluten-free range.

The products affected on this ASDA recall are-

ASDA Free From 2 Pizza Bases with best before code of either 26.06.2015 or 30.06.2015
ASDA Free From Garlic & Coriander Naan Breads with best before code of either 03.07.2015, 07.07.2015 or 09.07.2015
ASDA Free From 4 White Pitta Bread with best before code of either 26.06.2015, 30.06.2015 or 02.07.2015

If you want to chat with ASDA customer relations or get more information, you can contact them on 0800 952 0101

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  • Gary
    Absolutely ridiculous that mistakes like this can happen!! Imagine if it was nuts. ASDA WOULD BE DOING MORE THAN JUST HOLDING THEIR HANDS UP.
  • laura
    That's shocking, thankfully I only have an intolerance and not major allergies, very poor from Asda, I relied on getting things from there!!!
  • Carole L.
    SHAME ON ASDA I find this whole situation disgusting and unforgiveable. We put our trust in Asda that these products are gluten free and have been advertised and labelled as such. The products are far more expensive than their regular counterparts but they still get it wrong. They have probably made a lot of people very ill, myself included. How has this happened? Do they not have stringent checks? Probably it's that they just don't care as long as the money comes in. We pay more for our food and have less selection and they further burden us with events like this. Are we able to trust any gluten free products or should we just boycott them all to be on the safe side? What will be recalled next?
  • Louise C.
    I relied on Asda a great deal for my gluten free products. I've even got some of the naan bread in my freezer.... I just don't know what I will do now. My trust has gone....
  • Yasmin
    this is dangerous and out of order. Not the first time either, I purchased some lactose free milk from my local asda just before Christmas and all of it was three months out of date ...... Great for someone with Crohn's disease..... Not. I feel sorry for people who really rely solely on free from products, I know lots of people with serious life threatening conditions and allergies. This is well out of order.
  • gail b.
    Guess I know why my son is ill now
  • gail b.
    Apologies not asda
  • Diana
    All supermarkets are affected as it's one supplier. But I now have little faith.
  • Kimberley s.
    This is disgracefully if only they knew the pain that celiac's go through when eating wheat and gluten
  • Tam
    It's not just Asda. Sainsburys are recalling stuff too !
  • Karina
    Absolutely disgusting! Ok so if you have an intolerance yes you get ill but there's no lasting damage. Whereas coeliac disease (which I have) can and will damage my villi and cause long term affects. Thanks Asda and Sainsburys now I know why I keep getting ill after 4 years of being gluten free. It's a life changing thing and not my decision.
  • Sue
    How can something so serious like this go undetected ? Coeliacs rely on products been gluten free ! Do people not realise how serious it is for us to eat anything which is not gluten free ???
  • Linda
    Now I know why I was ill and had to go home from work at my new job during training. This lead to a warning from then as I have only been with them for 3 weeks. Thanks a bunch Asda
  • Chrissy
    Well thanks to Asda !!! I've gone through a series of test last few weeks with hospital app to find out why I've been in so much pain ,now I clearly understand why and to think I shouldn't of had to go through the pain and hurtful test I've had done ,I do my shopping in Asda every week and now wondering if all the times I've been bad it's down to carelessness ,I am one who has coeliac disease so u can Imagine the upset
  • Kevin R.
    If your a registered coeliac (as I am) you can get your gluten free products on prescription. The range offered is a bit limited and staid though to be honest. As I was born with the disease (I'm over 60 now) and was diagnosed at four years of age, I've obviously tried a lot of the products on offer. The ones I prefer and have been really happy with are anything by Genius and Newburns (which is part of the Warburton group). I'm often surprised how much the majors can undercut the minors by, in terms of price, when it comes to gluten-free products. Now I know why. It seems to be a case of you get what you pay for unfortunately? Check out details on the web for The Allergy Show that's coming up soon, here in London, where there will be some great new products on offer as well. I went along last year and tried out all of the samples I was given. Most of the countries in Europe are producing exciting new Gluten -free lines as well I believe? Stay well. Kevin Raymond.
  • Psion
    I used to work for ASDA on the customer service desk for 2 years and only 2 food products had to ever been recalled, none of them free from food. This looks to be a genuine mistake and they caught it which is the main thing. If anyone is concerned then go and see your doctor to be safe but ASDA generally does care about its food and not "as long as they get the money" attitude. Every shop has to make money to pay staff, pay repairs and buy new stock. I'm sad to see this happened but it is a very rare incident.
  • Product W.
    [...] might’ve already seen the news earlier that Asda are recalling a range of gluten-free products because they actually contain gluten. Yep. [...]
  • Aileen D.
    this has caused me to wonder about some Asda gluten free pasta I used last Thursday night for my six year old grand daughter. She has coeliac disease and she was really ill on Thursday night and all day Friday she continued to be sick with dreadful stomach pains and really slept on and off for a full 24 hours. Perhaps u should check this as well.
  • Jude
    As a mum of four and two who have severe food allergies this is disgusting And as for the poster who said what if it had been nuts. Nuts are not the only item that can be fatal. I will not be shopping at ASDA anymore
  • Hazel D.
    I can't believe something like this can happen, don't the manufacturer realises how serious it is for us Ceoliac's to have a gluten free diet. Before I was diagnosed I felt very ill. So please can you be very careful with the labeling.
  • Hazel D.
    I am disgusted with Asda, they should be more careful with their checking systems.
  • Helen T.
    In he last few days I've seen gluten free products recalled by Genius, Livwell, waitrose , and sainsbury's so the problem is not unique to asda, I agree it's not food but it's obviously a fault with the manufacturing process which is out of the hands of asda.
  • Phil H.
    EVERYONE needs to take note..: It's NOT an Asda problem. It's their supplier and the same supplier for sainsbury AND Genius!!!
  • Claire G.
    My grandaughter has Coeliac Disease. I hope she hasn't eaten any of this. Very serious error!
  • Gas M.
    I'm glutan intolerant, rant n rave, selection off cakes, chocolates and biscuits are produced, then they stiff their faces. Very selective.
  • Denise O.
    Absolutely ridiculous. The makers claim that g/free products are so dear because they are made in a factory that only makes g/free products. So how come a non g/free flour was available to get used by mistake? Is the factory for g/free only a big lie and they are robbing us all just because we NEED a specialised diet?
  • Joe
    they are not made by asda, all supermarket brands are made by branded corps or by companies supplying multiple stores. Hence why it's multiple stores doing a recall.
  • Big M.
    I have a severe gluten 'intolerance', despite there being no medical evidence for such a thing. I am outraged that ASDA have stocked these products, if I'd have bought some of these products and eaten them I could end up being very poorly. Although only after finding out about them containing gluten. I may even blame this for my child's vomiting last year or something. Either way need to up my homeopathic medicine. Or is that down it. Who knows.

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