Asda recall explosive prosecco

Hold up boozers, Asda are recalling Prosecco because it keeps exploding, going off like a stag do's trousers.

The supermarket's Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry has been withdrawn from sale following complaints that the bottles keeping shattering.

The quite snipular £5.48 Italian wine, which is exclusive to Asda in the UK, is actually described as “a delicious sparkler exploding with zesty lemon”. Not literally, arf!

Basically if you have any of these:  L1402606, L1403271, L1403503, L1403655, L1404044, then get thee back to Asda sharpish.

asda pro

An anonymous spokesman for Asda said anonymously “We have had a handful of complaints about our Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry bottles shattering,”

“We take this incredibly seriously as our customer and colleague safety is paramount to us, which is why we’ve recalled certain lot numbers of this product as a precaution.”

If you think you may affected, then take your bottle back to Asda and they'll sort you with a refund or something.


  • Mr T.
    Just make sure you take it back in a kevlar bag and where eye protection. You are going into Asda afterall. :{
  • Jessie J.
    Do you have to take the broken glass fragments in with you as well? Having had them removed from your eyes first of cause.
  • Whisky
    Or drink the fucker.
  • bob
  • qwertyuiop
    Probably just drunkards drinking them on their way home and dropping them. It's a glass bottle and glass isn't known for its sturdiness. Stop the presses! Glass bottle breaks!
  • Mr M.
    So they are advising you to transport it to the supermarket, surely much more dangerous. . I'd just drink the bottle then take the label in saying it exploded - give me a refund and good will gesture please.
  • Dave H.
    Had a dinner party last nigh just got to the cheese. Course when bottle of prosecco L15044A decided to liberate itself from the bottle cut one of our guest on the hand luckily not to serious and took out 2 wine glasses from a set of 6 went off like a bomb and could have been really serious

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