Asda jumpsuit injures child

asdabag_228x276 Asda have had to apologise after a child was injured after wearing one of their jumpsuits. Talking to the NorthantsTelegraph, the parents said that their child suffered from inflammation which could take years to fully heal, thanks to the clothing.

The child complained of sore legs, and it transpired that the elasticated cuffs had dug into the child's legs severely.

The father said: “When we looked at her legs it was almost too sore for her to let us touch her at all. Her dermatologist diagnosed it as post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation and gave a suggested prognosis of two to three years for it to eventually fade."

"We noticed that when we checked the product review on the website another parent had complained that something similar had happened to her child a month before."

"I believe this was not acted on and this negligence led to my daughter and potentially many other children being injured."

Asda have said sorry and removed the offending item, with a spokesman saying: "The safety and wellbeing of our customers and their little ones is of the utmost importance to us, and we take any kind of complaint seriously. As soon as we became aware of concerns we withdrew the jumpsuit as a precautionary measure."

"We’re sorry for the upset caused and we’ll be in touch soon."

Now, the original article doesn't mention which jumpsuit it is, so you can take precautions yourself. However, with a little snooping, it looks like it could be this one, which is still on sale through the Asda website.

The review on the item says: "My daughter loved this. She tried it on in the shop and it was fine but after wearing it for half an hour or so, the seams on her side chafed her so badly she was left with grazes, and on feeling it, it is very thick and rough, very badly designed so total waste of money!"

We can't be sure, but keep an eye out if you have a jumpsuit for your child that was bought from Asda - we'll keep looking into it and see if we can get confirmation on the exact item, and any product recalls that Asda should end up doing.


  • Gas M.
    Surely if you have to squeeze the child into an outfit, forcing limbs out of each hand and foot hole alarm bells should ring?
  • Gas l.
    Where does it say the child was squeezed into anything?

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