Amazon pull hoverboards over safety concerns

25228-d6cf43aa2c84b26b19d06f7d80f40897 Hoverboards (or Swegboards, or balance boards - no-one has stuck on a name yet) have been getting impounded at UK ports over safety concerns, and now, Amazon are pulling a number of them over fears that they might set on fire.

Even the boards that were on BestReviews 'best five' have been removed. Amazon have contacted a number of vendors, saying that they won't sell them unless companies can prove that the devices "are compliant with applicable safety standards".

The thing everyone is worried about is the battery and chargers for the units. Halfords pulled theirs off the shelves over safety concerns, as did CostCo.

There's been a lot of concern over these. Leon Livermore, chief executive of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, has previously said: "Criminals and irresponsible manufacturers will often exploit high demand and attempt to flood the market with cheap and dangerous products."

"Some products that are made abroad, principally for the overseas market, are not fitted with the correct plug and fuse for use in the UK. As a minimum, consumers should check that the three-pin plug on the device states it is made to BS1363. If it doesn’t include this information, then don’t buy the product."


  • Moi
    Personally, I refer to them as Twat boards. Seems to fit.
  • Mike
    I hate them for a whole number of reasons - they don't hover, being one of the main ones. The only redeeming feature is that they might get in the way of pavement cyclists, which can only be a good thing.
  • Paul C.
    So will amazon be contacting people who have already brought one details of which are faulty ???
  • Michelle J.
    I've bought one from Amazon for my son for Xmas but I'm very concerned about giving him it due to all the bad publicity about the dangers of them. I've had it since about September . How do I find out if I can do anything about it and see if it's one of the ones being recalled ?
  • Sonia c.
    I orderd and paid for a board on 27th november and it has bot arrived. The update said 2nd of January and has been despatched from hongkong. How do i cancel and get a refund please.
  • Michael J.
    My Mum's bought me one of these for Christmas. I can't wait to get out there and start mowing down old people on the pavement with it.
  • Dixie N.
    Who are all these numpties bleating on here? Talk to the supplier you morons.
  • Jessie J.
    Just to say they are legal on the Isle of White.

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