Zuckerberg covers his webcam

Zuckerberg covers his webcam

Ever felt like the internet is spying on you through your webcam and the like? Perhaps you don't trust certain social media companies to respect your privacy?

Well, join Mark Zuckerberg's club, who clearly doesn't think sharing is caring, as it turns out he's put tape over his webcam, as well as covering the Apple laptop's dual microphones located on the side.

This follows the news that FBI Director James Comey admitted he puts tape over his webcam as well, and between the two, they most know a fair bit about people eavesdropping on everyone.

Here's the innocent enough picture which Zuckerberg showed off.

And if you zoom in on the photo (initially to see what the head of Facebook might be typing out), you can see Zuckerberg has covered things up.

So while some will have been thinking that others who do it are conspiracy crackpots, turns out there might be some legitimacy to it.

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  • Liam

    Does he take a pen with him to vote?

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