Yahoo Japan admits to possible heist of 22 million users' data

yahoo_logo Yahoo may be trying to act cool with their purchase of Tumblr, but they've got problems to sort out before they start going on about Sasha Grey and making Miguel memes.

It has been revealed that its Japanese users might have had their data stolen.

Yahoo Japan sent out a weak-wristed not to their users, saying that their personal data may've been swiped, but didn't say sorry or anything. It must be a small number of people then? Only 22 million user IDs.

"There was unauthorized access from the outside to the server that is managing the Yahoo! Japan ID was found. Where he was to strengthen the monitoring system in response to the unauthorized access occurred on April 2, it is what it is detected suspicious login," they said, adding that the "result of the investigation, it has been found that files that have been extracted only the ID of 22 million maximum of has been created."

"The files that were created, such as 'secret question' you need when you have forgotten your password... data other than ID is not included," it said. "ID is the public information that is available to everyone, it is displayed on the service, personal information of everyone in the user is not included at all."

Tumblr users will now be worried that all their tentacle porn will be leaked at some point in the future, alongside pictures of bearded men stroking cats and self-confessional journals about how their exes are awful.


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