Whip your ID out if you want to watch online muck

SFW If the Tories get in, in the next election, you better prepare yourself to whip out your throbbing ID if you want to watch dirty films on the internet.

In a Facebook post, UK culture secretary Sajid Javid said that, if the Conservatives are elected, they will "legislate to put online hardcore pornography behind effective age verification controls".

Of course, they've got kids in mind when they talk about online porn*.

So how would it work? Well, they might use a third-party to verify all the ages or maybe even create a new form of digital ID. Both will invariably be unpopular and the whole thing is likely to be useless too, as these systems would need the dirty sites themselves to sign-up to such a thing. UK ISPs will be asked to block access to websites that don't comply with the governments weird fascination with smutty films.

It seems the Tories really want to creep up to you and start all that "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" business, by asking you if you want to watch porn in the privacy of your own home.

(*We mean shielding their little eyes from it, we've not idea what you inferred from that sentence)

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  • Albi
    Completely unworkable. Good luck trying it on US sites and trying to get the ISPs to ban them when they won't cooperate. And how on earth do you ban pictures and vids from search engine results? Pitiful electioneering.

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