Want to know what Facebook know about you?

What do Facebook know about you?

The amount of data that Facebook have on their users is a huge concern for a lot of people, and indeed, some people aren't aware of just how much information the social network gathers up about everyone.

Well, now you can find out what they know, through a Chrome extension.

Facebook have been pretty secretive about what they gather up about users of the site, but now that's all been lifted.

Every time you mention a favourite album, tag a photo at a bar with your friends, respond to a status, like a page, and the rest, Facebook can kick their algorithms in, and paint a pretty detailed picture of you, and where you are at any given point.

It doesn't take much to determine from your Facebook history, which way you lean politically, who you're in a relationship with, where you live, and how much money you earn, and how you spend your wages.

Of course, Facebook own WhatsApp and Instagram, which only deepens their knowledge about you.

Oh, and there's numerous reports that say Facebook also buy data from other companies, about things like your mortgage, what car you own, and where you shop.

As a result, ProPublica have built a Chrome extension which cracks open Facebook's dossier on you, and when you use it, you can see surprisingly detailed things, such as the size of your house, and which credit cards you have.

You can see the ProPublica report and download the extension, here.

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