Vodafone hang up on Bitterwallet reader without warning

Avid Bitterwallet reader Qasim admits to using his Vodafone mobile for some data-heavy antics in the past, but says he has done so with good reason:

"I got an 18 month contract with Vodafone starting in July. I bought this specifically for downloading and asked specifically if there were any caps at all; I was told that there were none and that by paying extra I could also download YouTube, torrents etc."

You might recall that earlier in the year Vodafone did a magnificent job of screwing existing customers out of agreed contracts by effectively abolishing any notion of Fair Play Usage. In its place, Vodafone introduced a charge of £5 per 500MB over a given limit, although that did mean customers like Qasim could still eat through data and pay their way. However, several concerns were also raised by Bitterwallet readers and in forums at the time, specifically that Vodafone staff misrepresented tariffs when selling them.

Regardless, at least Qasim could use his mobile as he wished, because Vodafone would charge him accordingly. Or so he thought:

Bitterwallet - Vodafone end contracts

Rather than have Qasim pay his way and see out his contract over the next year, Vodafone cancelled it - with no discussion and no warnings, just a single SMS message. After calling customers services to ask why his contract had been cancelled, Qasim was told nothing other than it was a "business decision".

Although Qasim claims he hasn't hammered his data connection since September, we can only assume he did so enough to have his account flagged - even though Vodafone could have made a pretty penny from the arrangement. Have any other readers suffered a similar curt disconnection from Vodafone recently?


  • Josh G.
    Have Vodafone lost their marbles? So instead of making lots of money from their data cap, they are cancelling contracts! If I was Qasim, I would be getting loads of iPhone 4's on contract pronto and bombarding the Vodafone network with large data usage! :) Josh
  • daniel z.
    +1 josh
  • Joey D.
    I think it's mainly because they're retarded.
    Vodafone are protecting the service for others to make use of...how can a mobile contract be sued for heavy download and not effect other users...well done vodafone
  • james
    All this with 500MB caps is such a load of bollocks. Are O2, Vodafone, et al really suggesting their network infrastructure can only handle all of its web enabled users downloading 500MB a data PER MONTH? What happens if everyone downloads 1GB per month...? Will their system crumble under the strain? No. They'll just have to pay out more money in bandwidth related costs. These caps are nothing about improving the service for others - that's just the marketing bullshit they're spinning in order to justify these cost cutting measures. Users consuming vast amounts of data must be in a small minority anyway. I browse the internet on my phone daily and only use a few hundred MB per month.. This issue and mobile/broadband companies misuse of the word "unlimited" really pisses me off!!! /rage
  • joe
    They cancelled his contract for high usage for the same reason you'll get kicked off a train for trying to move all the contents of a three bedroom house on it. Because it adversely affects everyone elses usage of the same service, and there are other services which are better suited to your needs. You can pay the conductor as much as you like, you're still blocking the carriage with all your shit. /never ever had an issue with Vodafone in the years I've used them
  • LanceVance
    @ joe Vodafone cancelled his contract even though he would have paid for the useage. Thats like asking for space in the baggage car and paying for it, then being thrown off the train!
  • kv
    Qasim should take them to the SCC for breach of contract, you can be sure if he had wanted to cancel his contract he'd be expected to pay the rest of the contact
  • me
    kind like o2 home broadband. When I signed up it was unlimited download few months later they put a 20 GB per month limit which is bullshit! Gladly the let me cancel the contract before one year and with the cashback that I had was like 6 months free internet!
  • scott
    i'd take it as a blessing. Vodshite are pants
  • Kieron
    So if I say, download ridiculous amounts of data on my 18mnth vodafone contract, they'll forcibly end my contract, and I won't have to pay the remainder? *ahem* :D
  • veedubjai
    At the end of the day. Why do I have to pay for some knobjocky's misuse & abuse of data bandwidth that is gonna affect my data experiance on the same mobile network? It is these selfish morons who treats their own mobile phones like a bloody home broadband connection for use such as video streaming, P2P & VoIP which are clearly heavy data features. Get a bloody dedicated home broadband service if want home broadband! Have they got no common sense? Why don't everyone use these functions via WiFi as the connections are much more stable & the signal is stronger & you will download much more quicker? For these selfish morons, blacklist them off the mobile network unless they know how to use data fairly & not affecting the service for all.

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