UK data breaches still soaring - info sent by our government mole

Data breaches by companies and government agencies has significantly risen in the past three months. There have been 99 breaches since November, compared to 277 across the previous year, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The NHS stands at the top of the data bollock-dropping chart, with 102 of those 376 breaches since November 2007 coming on their watch. Some of our favourite examples* included…

  • The nurse who accessed confidential medical info to see if her new boyfriend was suffering from an STD (he was)
  • The housing benefit officer who tried to get information about whether his next door neighbour wore a wig.
  • The spy who dropped a microfilm into his soup in a Prague restaurant and then accidentally swallowed it.
*Examples all made up – much more fun than the mundane truth. Okay, slightly more fun then.


  • -=Mike H.
    I know some peeps that used the PNDB to see whether the car they were buying was nicked or involved in any accidents and the like, they were to 'move along now' as all police orifficers do
  • Darrenw
    MIKE HOCK - Same here, I know loads of them who use the PNDB. But I believe now you have to give reason and fill something out every time you do a search on it (more paperwork!)
  • Darrenw
    the other one which you can access which should be restricted is, you can find out what people paid for there properties, My neighbour the PR*CK's that they are claimed to pay next to nothing for there house, turned out he paid stupid money for it!!... Why lie?
  • The B.
    I was emailed a password last week for a load of mortgage details which arrived yesterday by courier from one of our clients (major bank). Slapped the CD in and there's a non password protected Excel file sitting, it's okay though because no one nicked it and it was only account details nothing major.
  • Fred C.
    What is new? Data security leak has been around since stonehenge ain't going to be much better any time soon.

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