Travelodge customer finds camera spying on her

travelodge Travelodge's logo is someone sleeping - we all knew that. However, it is obvious that they're being peeped on through a monitor when you look closer, which is unfortunate considering that a guest found that someone had hidden a camera in her shower.

That's right - a lady found that there was a camera hidden in her shower, which was connected to the caretaker’s cupboard.

Harmony Hachey said she found the device hidden away in an air vent at the Oxford Wheatley Travelodge. The staff at the hotel traced it back to the caretaker's cupboard and apologised hastily, switched rooms and gave her a full refund.

A spokesperson for Travelodge said the hotel is working with local police about the incident.

"We can confirm that on Friday 28th August 2015 a customer at our Oxford Wheatley hotel made us aware of the presence of what appeared to be a camera in their room," they said. "The privacy of our customers is a matter of the highest importance to us and the hotel team investigated immediately. While the camera appeared to be inoperative, we have reported this matter to the police and we are now supporting them fully with their ongoing investigations."

Harmony posted on Facebook: "It's obvious that the camera was put there for one reason and one reason ONLY, even when the regional manager tried to tell me it was being used for maintenance!" She posted photos of the offending item too, which you can see below.



  • Euan
    I'd love to see Travelodge explain exactly what sort of maintenance requires a camera to be concealed behind a vent where it gets a great view of showering customers and, er .. not all that much else.
  • jim
    was that the Bates Motel?
  • jack M.
    Look at the state of the vent and paintwork! Bet the place is a real shithole...
  • oldgit
    Its the same sort of camera that's used to find blocked drains, only this one is looking for blocked air vents - obviously.

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