Three to charge £3 for actual unlimited mobile data

Bitterwallet - Three logo Over the past year or so, mobile networks have been enraging their customers by capping the amount of data they can use on their phones, and charging exorbitant amounts if they wanted to go over their limits. Not good.

But Three have decided to buck the trend and have announced a new £3 charge for all of its pay monthly smartphone customers, giving them unlimited data in return. No limits, no extra charges on top. Good?

It comes as Three reveal that their iPhone 4 customers are currently using an average of 1.2GB a month – back in February it was only 488Mbps per month.

Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three UK says “Our customers tell us that their use of data goes up significantly over the lifetime of their contracts, as they do more and more with their handset. All-you-can-eat data means that they don't have to worry, they can have that peace of mind for the long term on a contract of their choice.”

Hopefully we’ll see the other networks following suit, we can all get back to normal and forget about the whole sorry, messy episode when they went all mean and stingy with their precious data.


  • Josh G.
    ..currently using an average of 1.2GB a month – back in February it was only 488Mbps per month wat. Mbps is a measurement of speed.
  • Amin
    Only if they change they freakin call centre..
  • klingelton
    488 megabits per month is not especially quick...
  • The B.
    I'd like to see the average usage stats for Vodafone per month, I've never been able to get a decent enough speed out of their network to make it worthwhile using. 3 weeks to go 'til the end of contract.

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