The worst passwords of 2015

password Passwords eh? Some companies want to kill them off entirely, possibly because people are so awful at choosing them.

Now, we're sure that BW readers all have excellent passwords and use different ones for different sites, but there's some truly dreadful ones knocking about, even though everyone really should know better by now.

Security crew SplashData, looked through data dumps from hacks, to look at the most popular passwords in the world... and there's a lot of lousy ones still being used. So, in 2014, 'password' and '123456' topped the list, and last year, commonly used passwords included ‘12345678,’ ‘12345,’ ‘123456789,’ ‘1234,’ ‘1234567,’ and ‘111111’.

There was also appearances from ‘qwerty,’ ‘welcome,’ and ‘letmein’, as well as a load of sports like 'football' and 'baseball'. Naturally, there's still a load of people using ‘abc123’, just asking to be hacked.

New in the top 25 list this year were ‘login,’ and ‘princess’, as well as ‘starwars’, too. There's also people who use two columns of their keyboard to tap out ‘1qaz2wsx,’ which is oddly charming.

Of course, companies are trying to make people choose passwords that are more secure, but alas, there's no accounting for people who just can't be bothered. Maybe it would be a good idea to provide other ways of making your accounts secure, as there's clearly a lot of people who are just asking for a hacking.

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  • Albi
    Millions would be defrauded every day if having 'password' as a password was so terrible. Banking websites are far more secure. Criminals hack big companies and get card details that way instead anyway. Usual security company press release gumpf

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