The student hack that buys you added time to finish assignments

If you’re a student of any age, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than having to do some actual work. The insistence of your lecturers and professors to give you assignments and dissertations to do is an annoyance that almost ruins the experience of being a student.

Then there’s the deadlines. Not only do they want you to read, research, think about and write stuff, they also want it done by a certain date! The bastards. Of course, we all know that real life tends to get in the way and the final few hours before a deadline are usually spent desperately trying to meet your word-count while shovelling handfuls of instant coffee granules down your neck hole.

Well now you can buy yourself a few extra few vital days by visiting and purchasing a dodgy file from them. Then just rename it to ‘my important assignment’ or something, email it to your educational overlord and wait for the reply email (usually a few days later) asking you to resend it. By which time you’ve comfortably finished the real assignment at a leisurely pace.

Of course, they’re selling the files at $3.95 each, and though it isn’t much to pay in order to guarantee a cheeky deadline extension, surely there’s a way you could do it for free. We’re a bit stumped – some research has shown that a few half-baked methods exist but no one seems to have a tried and trusted method for deliberately corrupting a file. Do any of you know how it can be done AND look convincing? There’s a jpeg of a pint in it for the winner.

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  • MrRobin
    You could create any blank file and save it as Assignment.doc for example and when you try to open it in Word it will say it is unreadable. However, just by looking at the size of the file one might suspect there may be something fishy going on. For something a bit more believable you could take your document in it's unfinished state, save a copy of it, say 'Assignment1.doc' rename it as a .txt then edit it in text editor and just delete some of the gobbledygook at the beginning. Then rename it back to a .doc and hey presto, it's corrupted.
  • Dan
    You could just change the file extension of an image file to a document file. For example make sure your operating systems is showing file extensions and then change a .jpg to .doc It will look all corrupted when Word tries to open it.
  • Mike S.
    Dan's method will work a treat. Can't believe someone is selling corrupt files. It's like the people on e-bay who sell air guitars.
  • Gus
    Or you could just be reasonable and Instead of wasting your time smoking cannabis you could actually finish your assignments.
  • David
    "Gus obviously regretted not getting into Uni, leaving him bitter and twisted!"
  • Dan
    The benefit of my technique - changing the extension of an image file - is that because a picture is worth a thousand words it also helps with getting to your word count.
  • Ga W.
    Ha Ha nice David I think you have hit the nail in the head with Gus. Sadly my lecturers wouldn't let you off for this, they always said if we wanted them to check if the files worked on their PC etc we had to hand it in a week early and they would let us know of any problems. If you handed it in on the date and it didn’t work, you got 0 for it. Tight sods.
  • Ducky
    The only problem with re-naming an image as a .doc file or whatever is that they can always change the file back to a .jpg or whatever if they're clever enough (which ,surprisingly enough, university lecturers often are!). The only way to do it would be to find a VERY obscure file type, then change it to text, then delete some bits that would give it away in notepad and THEN save it. I'm not sure... It needs to absolutely unrecoverable...
  • Jill
    Personally, I just open a word document with notepad (where you get a load of rubbish like Ä ä„ [email protected]¼@>@NP¼à„ýž(=ˆJoÎiÄ„€Ä NÑï ÒC€x¡ôæœFL[email protected]¼à„ýž(=ˆJoÎiÄ„€Ä NÑï ÒC) then copy and paste it into Word, save it and then email that.
  • Gus
    you guys are right. I wasted my time getting a degree rather than damaging my neurons...
  • Gary
    It won't work. I work in a Uni and we don't accept any type of computer problems when granting extensions!
  • Si
    A head of school once recounted to me that a student got an extension due to a deceased relative... ...the student then had some explaining to do when the said relative turned up to his graduation!
  • V L.
    Gary obviously goes to a reputable uni. Not that there are any left... scummers who ask for extensions always get them. and it's always the rich middle class kids.
  • David
    Gary is right, I even struggled to get an extension when I was admitted to hospital for 3 days with glandular fever. Tight wads personified!
  • Nigel
    When you complete the assignment, make sure you save it with the system date set to before the deadline - just in case someone looks at the properties.
  • acecatcher3
    or u cud do ur work guys haha!
  • Matt
    Heres another way (and free):
  • Andre
    well we have to submit hard copies of everything as well as a digital all oif this is useless!
  • numberwang
    /\ yep
  • numberwang
    LOL @ the word "hack" being used
  • The B.
    The internet was pipedream when I was at uni, we had to use 1.44M floppies for our coursework.
  • tiger
    you can buy time for assignments in university for a degree try doing the same to your boss and you will resume soon
  • Steve M.
    God you would have to be scraping the barrel of desperation to try this. I've been to that very dark place in my final year and its definitely no fun.
  • Persephone
    Yeah, our uni only accepts hard copies, in standard font (Times New Roman, size 12), double or 1.5 line-spaced (to leave room for marking), single-side printing, with names and page number on every page. No printer or computer errors are accepted as excuses, plus we lose 10% for each day late (first day counts if you hand your essay in on the day of the deadline but after the specified time, usually 12 noon). We can also lose up to 10% for any errors in referencing/spg/formatting. This could have worked at A-level, but then again a simple "oops, I left it at home" usually worked. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground where this would be applicable, but if someone's making money out of it, lucky them. Personally, I think it's not as bad as the companies willing to write essays for their clients. They are a true detriment to the education system. And Gus - at what point was cannabis ever mentioned in any of this? There are plenty of straight-edge people who still have trouble meeting deadlines. Your argument is irrelevant and offensive. Clearly whatever degree you did get lacks merit, as not only do you propose a fallacious argument ( you seem unable to type accurately/proof-read ("instead" in the middle of a sentence requires a small "i", "you" at the beginning of the sentence needs a capital letter).
  • Antique A.
    Posted by The Real Bob | June 6th, 2009 at 7:28 am "The internet was pipedream when I was at uni, we had to use 1.44M floppies for our coursework." Tha's lucky! We were grateful to ditch the ink wells and be allowed to use fountain pens. Now, as for joined up writing ... that's another story!
  • seriousinternet
    persephone surely he's affirming the disjunct rather than the consequent
  • Gus
    @ Persephone... Sorry if I could not be bothered to type properly on this site where everybody is taking a piss ( or urinating if you prefer). My comment was regarding those time wasters that never manage to do anything on time and would use such a silly excuse. BTW the answer is no! I am not going to invite you to the prom nor join your chess club.
  • Francis R.
    It had better not be a corupted jpeg of a pint BW!?
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