TalkTalk hacked by a 15 year old?

TalkTalk The police have taken a 15-year-old boy in for questioning over the hack of the TalkTalk website, and he was held on suspicion of offences under the Computer Misuse Act. The police are also searching the kid's home in County Antrim.

Imagine that. Being a massive company with loads of sensitive information, and having spent loads of money on various forms of security, some teenager in his bedroom manages to pull the rug from under it all.

TalkTalk said that they'd been the target of a ransom demand by the hackers, and what with it being someone so young, we can imagine that the demands were brilliant: "We want some new Jordans, a year's supply of Wotsits, a can of Lynx, and an Olympic sized swimming pool full of Jagerbomb."

Anyway, the customers of TalkTalk aren't finding this very funny, as the company not only show a disregard for the private details of their customers, but also, a remarkable lack of ability when it comes to managing a crisis. Still, at least TalkTalk told their customers to change their passwords, eh? That'll comfort people who give money and personal details to a company that has had three cyber attacks in a year.

If you think you've been affected by the TalkTalk hack, you need to visit

Following the arrest, TalkTalk said: "We know this has been a worrying time for customers and we are grateful for the swift response and hard work of the police. We will continue to assist in the ongoing investigation."

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  • Internet D.
    TalkTalk, please can you change my password to [password removed]. Thanks, A concerned customer

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