T-Mobile take their data caps off as they launch the Full Monty

30 January 2012


The latest trend among mobile phone networks is to move away from their restrictive ‘fair use’ data policies and open up their pipes for unlimited mobile-flavoured goodness. At a price, obviously. OBVIOUSLY.

Three did it a while and now T-Mobile are jumping on the premium bandwagon with their new Full Monty tariff, which launches on 1st February. Starting at £36 a month, users will get unlimited data alongside unlimited cross network calls and text messages. Hold on – what’s this? The calls are limited to an amount of 2,000 a month? Only 2,000? For truly unlimited calling, you’ll need to fork out £41 a month. Mind you, if you’re making more than 2,000 calls in a month, you’re not long for this world anyway.

Take note that the Full Monty ‘starts’ at £36 a month – if you’ve got an iPhone 4S, you’re looking at forking out £61 a month for the tariff. So then – lots of money for ‘unlimited’ data, kind of like the unlimited data that lots of us were paying much less for a couple of years ago. Great stuff.



  • christian
    Or just use GiffGaff for £10 a month with unlimited data. Geez, can't believe some people are willing to pay this much and probably on a 24 month contract too...mugs.
  • PaulS
    Calls are unlimited to other T Mobile numbers, the 2000 minutes is to other networks (so I assume landlines are unlimited). The £36 a month is a 2 year contract but snags you a phone (iPhone 4S 16GB (£99 upfront fee), iPhone 4 8GB (free), Samsung Galaxy SII (free), HTC Sensation XE (free)) So unless you have the £400 to buy a phone to go along your Giff Gaff sim it looks a fairly decent deal.
  • christian
    mmm but if you're stupid enough to pay £61 a month you can probably afford £500 for a straight phone. contracts are for mugs. £61 x 24 = £1464. MUGS.
  • Jax
    @Christian I am contract user, have been for 7 years. Never paid line rental, always got a free phone, past few years with 1gb of data too, all for a big fat NOTHING. I spend about 10 hours a year chasing up and posting claims for a very hefty payback. So not all contract users are mugs.
  • Mike H.
    For the past 7 years, I have spent 10 hours every year, shafting Jax's Mrs, while he dicks about chasing up and posting claims for a very hefty payback
  • Christopher R.
    So they are late to the market with their alternative to the one plan and are more expensive than it. Good work T-mobile!
  • jmecks
    10 hours a year for 7 years? Don't overdo it chaps, your health comes first.
  • Whinnie P.
    £61 a month?! Isn't it cheaper to go on a £25 tariff and just pay for the amount you go over your allowance...
  • Amin
    what's the point when their freaking speed is capped?
  • Jax
    @Mike Hock Seeing as I am gay, that means you must have had a suprise, good on you!

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