Spotify hit by hack attack

Spotify has been hailed by many as the future of listening to music on your computer, and hell, we’ve been as guilty as anyone of bigging it up over the past month or so.

But now, all that goodwill has turned a tad sour after thousands of users’ details were half-inched by evil hackers. Encrypted passwords have been nicked by ‘brute force’ password-guessing hack attack, although only those members who signed up before 19th December could be affected.

The Sweden-based Spotify overlords said: "Along with passwords, registration information such as your email address, birth date, gender, postal code and billing receipt details were potentially exposed. Credit card numbers are not stored by us and were not at risk."

More info at the site’s blog. We’re off to Spotify now to try and find the second album by When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water.

Thanks to The Real Bob!


  • andy g.
    i love u andy ur really funny. posted on acecatcher3s ip address - andy dawson ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lol if u think this is my ip adress this is one of the companies many ip addresses, i guess ill have to go thru proxy now to avoid u editing my comments lol. love u ace
  • acecatcher3
    hi i'm a big baby who just can't drop arguments on the internet
  • Lumoruk
    haha sweet hurry up back ace
  • Martin
    This is the reason for using fake names, postcodes and birthdates when registering for such services. -- Pete, LE5 2GQ, 14-01-1965
  • Mr M.
    Hey Spotify is good though, if only they could get a greater variety of ads...

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