Skype tell everyone to not use Microsoft because of spying

It seemed a bit odd that Skype would hit out against Microsoft for being spies, given that Microsoft own the messenger company. Many thought Skype had gone rogue, however, the hashtag in the tweet gave the game away.

skype microsoft

Skype's Twitter account had been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (still sounds like a synthpop band). Microsoft initially kept quiet about the whole thing, but eventually released a statement.

It said: "We recently became aware of a targeted cyber attack that led to access to Skype’s social media properties, but these credentials were quickly reset." They then deleted the tweets.

That didn't stop a Twitter account used by the SEA posting an image of what seemed to be Microsoft employee account data, showing off Steve Ballmer’s (Microsoft SEO) company email address, phone number and his office number at Microsoft headquarters.

We would've preferred it if Skype suddenly decided to bite the hand that feeds it rather than some hacker being behind it, but there you go.


  • Alexis
    A bit rich if it's true, considering they advertise that Gmails are sold to advertisers
  • SG
    A bit rich that you might believe hackers.
  • james d.
    well that was a misleading headline
  • Joulupukki
    Click fodder. Who'd have guessed, eh?

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