Shimmy Club: The nightclub that lets you spy on girls in the toilet

Over in Glasgow, there's a nightspot called The Shimmy Club and it has one unusual feature, away from the dancing, drinking and awful promotional photos they stick on Facebook; at the Shimmy, you can spy on girls while they're in the toilet.

For £800-a-pop, you can hire two private function rooms which look into the ladies toilets through a spyglass mirror, like you see in police interrogation rooms. Oh, and there's nothing in the ladies toilets telling patrons that they're being watched. Basically, posh voyeurs can watch women in the toilet like they're a trainee Chuck Berry.

A spokesman for the club, owned by the G1 Group, have said that they don't allow male or mixed-sex groups to hire the rooms, despite the fact social networks are full of photographs showing quite the opposite. And, to add to this, it seems the club are deleting any negative comments they receive on Facebook. As you can see from the photo above, the 'records and dancing' watermark is visible on an image that shows a fella watching two women through what appears to be a two-way mirror.

One woman contacted a paper to say: "I find it absolutely outrageous that a club can get away with this, it is a complete invasion of privacy of the unsuspecting girls. Nowhere is it made clear that this is the case so when visiting the bathroom for the first time, there are women bending over the sink, pouting into the mirror to redo their lipstick, adjusting themselves whilst unknowingly being watched by people on the other side."

Of course, Shimmy doesn't offer the same service looking into the gents.

Gary Hall, of G1 Group, said it was "definitely not the case" that the women's toilets were fitted with two-way mirrors, despite the fact that earlier in the week, you could book a 'smoke and mirrors' booth from the club themselves. Ironic that, when you visit the club's website, one of the first things you see is an animation of the word 'LAWLESS'.

A petition soon sprung up against the club too. While the club are denying the two-way mirrors, the video of the launch night possibly seems to show the spy-glass around 50 seconds in. Pretty damning all-in-all.


  • Paul
    They have had these mirrors in Polo for years. Can literally watch guys piss in urinals as you stand in a queue. All they are doing is looking in a mirror, hardly getting their rat oot for the rest of the world.
  • Tammy
    In response to Paul. Does Polo warn their patrons about the two sided mirror? If so, that's the big difference between the two clubs. The women who went to Shimmy's have every right to be mad because they were unknowingly watched as part of the amusement at the club. The club should either put very clear signs up about the mirror or take it down should there be future legal consequences (if not already in the process) for invading people's privacy.
  • wanker
    Come on Tammy, they love it though, don't they?
  • chewbacca
    Well done Paul, just outed yourself..
  • Mirror, W.
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  • Nire120
    @Paul The point is not that the woman being viewed aren't doing anything "revealing." This is not about "Oh you can't see their privates so who cares?" It's about treating women going about their lives like fish in a bowl, or animals in a zoo. It's about power trips - that fools are willing to pay that much money to watch women *without their consent.* Why don't they go to a strip club where women are (relatively) willing to perform for them? Because they like the control, they like the women NOT knowing. The men renting these rooms don't care about getting a woman's permission to do something sexual to them (in this case, voyeurism). Which is DANGEROUS. And, on top of that, the CLUB OWNERS decided to install these mirrors to make a PROFIT off of unknowing/willing women, which brings this to a whole other level. If what you said about Polo is true, that should absolutely stop, but I doubt there is a sexual element to the viewing and I also doubt that the club is charging women who want to use the men's bathroom as atmospheric background for their lame parties.
  • alice g.
    Well Wanker I'm not sure about ALL women but your mum certain seemed too.
  • Colin
    About the Polo Lounge is the mirror is at a height so you cant actually see them pissing away lol and its mirror is on the way into the toilets, so your actually in the gents anyway.
  • Les D.
    @Tammy + Nire120 Amazing how feminists always crawl out from under a rock to point out any possible misdemeanor against women. Go shave your pits and hoover the pub. This site for those who want to make fun comments at each others expense and not listen to whinnying wimmin.
  • LancerVancer
    I wouldn't want my missus going in there. She'd put me off looking at all the vadge. I'll get me coat. Flex n' chill.
  • William
    For the record I would like to state that the G1 venue 'The Shimmy Club' (previously known as Common) to which this article relates, has no connection what so ever to the original club night called 'The Shimmy'. Our club night has operated in Glasgow & around the country since 1994. We are currently in legal proceedings with G1 over their theft of our name. They are 'passing off' & trading on our reputation which is now seriously damaged due to this unacceptable invasion of privacy. G1 have removed all negative comments they have received on their Facebook page. Please take time to sign the petition... Retract G1 Group PLC's Investors in People and Publican Awards
  • Marianne
    I'm reading this from Australia and I'm absolutely disgusted, no common decency, lowest of acts perptrated by men, showing no respect at all. They should have there licence taken off them, not fit to run this kind of business, next they'll putting date rape pills in the girls drinks. Pigs.
  • Ms G.
    @Marianne. Very valid points love. By the way, can you send us a piccy. Topless if poss. Ta.
  • LancerVancer
    Got more likes now than ever. Just shows what pervy tossers go out in Glasgow. Flex n' Chill 'wit 'da 'erb.
  • Boycott G.
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  • Turles
    I would like to point out that it wasn't just men that watched through the mirror, there were women too! Derp! So feminists can get off their high horse now thank you very much. Also, if it's so notorious, why not do what ya gotta do at home, or better yet, just don't go. Problem solved.

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