Privacy fiends! Opera introduce unlimited, free VPN to browser


More and more people are concerned with their online privacy, and with that, Opera (the browser, not the impenetrable form of storytelling through music) has said that they're going to integrate an unlimited and absolutely free virtual private network (VPN) into their service.

For you, that means more privacy and you'll be able to go on websites that have been blocked by other browsers and such. It means that hackers, internet companies, and any third party won't be able to see what you're browsing.

This means you won't need to download any extensions or anything like that, and you certainly won't have to pay for any VPN subscriptions.

If the service works, this is great news. Will it be picked up by other browsers? We can only hope, but you'd be daft to hold your breath.

Here's another thing you can do with a VPN - you can look like you're browsing in a different country. Why would you want to do that?

VPNs can also make it seem as though you're in a different country - which means you can look at the American version of Netflix for example, and get at all that lovely content that isn't on the UK version.

There's no charge, and no data limit, but there is a small catch - it is only available in the developer version of the browser. However, that could well mean that it being tested out by people with tech-smarts, before it is rolled out to everyone.

You can find the developer version of Opera here.


  • mooch

    "It means that hackers, internet companies, and any third party ----- to see what you're browsing" 

    Cd you add the missing words pls? It's quite a big deal, see. 

    Proofreading was a thing once. 

  • Jessie_J

    Hola is free on Chrome.


  • HomerGriffin

    @mooch, could you add the missing letters to "Cd" and "pls?".

    It's quite a big deal, see. 

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