Orange may drop unlimited data, iPhone 4 pre-order from Tuesday

Bitterwallet - Orange logoYou know how it is. You wait ages for one mobile network provider to remove their unlimited data packages, then all of a sudden everyone is at it. Vodafone recently removed the word from existing tariffs, largely because their definition was somewhat different to that in the dictionary, then yesterday O2 announced an end to unlimited data, with new smartphone tariffs costing as much as £60 per month for just 1GB of data.

Mobile News is now reporting that Orange are likely to drop unlimited data tariffs in the next month for all new and upgrading customers, in a bid to better manage data traffic across its network. It wouldn't be a complete surprise; speaking in March, Guillaume van Gaver of Everything Everywhere (the new company formed by Orange and T-Mobile) said: "Unlimited data packages are not ultimately sustainable. Fair usage policies will be applied, because everyone has to recognise the challenge of carrying video."

It's a telling remark that makes a further mockery of both Vodafone and O2's lazy statistics justifying their decisions. Yesterday O2 stated that over 97 per cent of smartphone users use less than 200MB per month, and therefore such changes in tariffs will not affect customers; Vodafone has made similar (if somewhat confused) claims, but the quote from van Gaver makes it clear that mobile networks do not expect this to be the case for very long, as handsets capable of streaming data-intensive content become commonplace.

One further piece of news for our avid iPhone-loving readers - Orange have just told us that the iPhone 4 will be available on pre-order from Tuesday next week, with tariff details to follow.


  • Pheonix
    It makes sense, the "unlimited" term was and always has been complete bollocks because of the "fair usage" clause that you always had to search through the T&C's to find, so now its more visable what amount of data you are signing up for. Heres hoping now that the providers are being upfront about it that they also start competing to provide the best packages and drive down prices. O2 have come out with their, frankly, pathetic 500mb for the iPhone so what can the others provide? 1GB minimum please
  • Matt
    £60/month for 1GB? INSANE! lol. I get 500MB/month for a £15 topup/month on O2 PAYG, with 12,000 texts, whatever my free 'surprise' is, and O2 treats (normally free voice mail or money off all calls) and O2 rewards (10% extra on top ups).
  • The B.
    At least with O2 and Orange you can get a 3G connection, I'd be amazed if anyone on Vodafone can use over 500MB per month on GPRS.
  • Junkyard
    Good luck to them. T-Mobile will have to pry my 3GB Android allowance out of my cold, dead handset.
  • Mac
    @junkyard. They won't touch your 3gb allowance as you pay for that. I think I'm on the same plan as you. You've paid to have that extra interweb for the duration of you contract. I ditched my Hero not long after getting it from T-Mobile and went back to an iPhone.
  • BeefCurtains
    Keep an eye on Three - big announcement coming soon re: iPhone.
  • Lee
    @Mac Actualy, the 3GB allowance for android handsets is free. If you look at other non android handsets on the same tarriffs you will see that. I work for t-mobile which is why i know this.
  • Lam
    T-Mobile are advertising the iPhone 4 now, no date when it's available. Since Vigin Mobile run on T-Mobile, fingers crossed it comes to Virgin too.
  • Nookster
    Ironic when Orange PAYG has 250MB web extra for a fiver a month.
  • ButterMan
    Unlimited data continues on Orange.

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