Open Rights Group builds giant CCTV collage of Gordon Brown

12 October 2008

The pissed-off members of Open Rights Group and No2ID put together an Orwellian collage of Gordon Brown in Parliament Square this morning. The collage was made from pictures of CCTV cameras and other surveillance ephemera taken by the group members.

The result was this huge, Big-Brother-esque photo of Gordon Brown looking over Parliament Square against a background of barbed wire, handcuffs and double helices: an image of the society of total surveillance the UK is rapidly becoming. Our message was clear: although as individuals we only see incremental invasions of our privacy, put together, these creeping changes constitute a wholesale shift towards a society predicated not on freedom, but on fear.

Now it just might be me but is there not a striking resemblance in that collage to the late, great, insane Turkmenbashi?

Purposeful? I hope, though think not :)

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  • boca p.
    He was elected as Labour leader on June 25, 2007, though he ran unopposed. I don't know how you imagine someone could "inherit" such a role. It's not like the monarchy.

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