Open Knowledge Foundation workshop: Finding/Re-using Public Information

The Open Knowledge Foundation is running a workshop on November 1st in London titled, "Finding and Re-using Public Information."

The UK Government produces and distributes a vast amount of documents and datasets - from national statistics to environmental information, from socio-economic data to legal material. Recent technologies allow this information to be explored, built upon and made accessible in new ways - whether through visual representation, semantic interlinking, or through social media applications.

This informal, hands-on workshop will bring government information experts together with those who are interested in finding and re-using government information. In addition to focused discussions about legal and technological aspects of re-use, government information assets will be documented and tagged on CKAN, a registry of knowledge resources.

Why is this important to Bitterwallet? We tend to invest our government with an absurd amount of data as well as the right for them to collect and store that data. What we tend not to do is exploit it to the degree we should or hold the gov accountable on giving us access to the data which we have paid to produce. Learning how to access and re-use these rich sources opens up a lot of doors into building hacks and tools that re-mash this data into something useful. We should be consumers of our own information!

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