O2 Data Day plans to show mobile provider that customers are pretty bloomin' cross actually

Bitterwallet - O2 will unlock the iPhone Plenty of O2 mobile customers got the hump last week when their aforementioned phone overlords decided they’ll be pulling the plug on unlimited data as part of new contracts once the iPhone 4 arrives later in the month.

Now there’s a protest in the offing, which the organisers are calling ‘O2 Data Day’. It’s scheduled to take place on June 24th (iPhone launch day) and the plan is for hordes of angry O2 customers to use as much data as they can throughout the day. Plans are gathering pace for the protest on Twitter, with the #O2DataDay hashtag being used to mobilise the troops (although not that frequently when we last looked).

But what will it achieve? If it brings the O2 network to its knees, the stunt will go a long way to showing that O2 are right to start charging more for data. On the other hand, if significant numbers of people take part and there is no noticeable effect on the level of service, will it expose O2 as cash-hungry profiteers?

Will YOU be joining in the protest? Do you think it’ll even happen or will it just fizzle out in a damp fog of apathy? And if you do take part, what’s your favourite waste of mobile phone data?

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  • Karan
  • Drunkmonkey
    How about writting a article on the piss poor price plans that orange have announced on the iphone4.
  • Umbongo C.
    this will fail unless someone starts a facebook campaign for blondies hanging on the telephone to be downloaded and get to number one. the twats at twitter can go and facebook off
  • Andy D.
    @Drunkmonkey - done.
  • Carl
    I'm gonna waste my bandwidth repeatedly posting WTF IS DIS REAL? all over bitterwallet
  • David D.
    Dear lord! after reading 'Drunkmonkey's' comment I looked up the Orange plans! Has put me right off bothering, I think I pay too much as it is at £45 a month, I'm certainly not going to pay £229 on top of that! APPLE GTFO! I mean it's bad enough 02 want to charge me £340 to get out of my current plan but to slap me with another £200 odd again to have the new phone is a joke, think i'll stick with my 3gs for some time to come I don't want one that bad!
  • Gadget 4.
    Hanging on the Telephone is my favourite Blondie song.
  • Klingelton
    I only have 6 months left to run on this current contract with my htc touch pro 2. after this phone, i don't see much point in upgrading to something that's grossly expensive. I'm going to cheapen this price plan and stick with orange me thinks.
  • Carl C.
    It's simple. I'll be protesting by leaving this provider. They're no longer the provider of choice amongst 'power users'. Expected to stick to 500mb when you have 'proper' internet and music streaming apps. Honestly. @o2, I bid thou adieu.
  • Richard
    this is pathetic, use wifi like normal people and get faster internet and you wont come close to the 500mb limit anyway! o2 have been nothing but fantastic since i signed up to my 18 month 3gs contract at christmas.
  • Carl C.
    @Richard. Use wifi. Right, thats fine. I do *when I have access to a wifi point*. Whenever I'm near wifi, I use wifi. When I'm not, I use 3G data. Yet I get through >1Gb per month still. That is the danger of actually *using* Spotify on your phone for several hours most days. I agree - @o2 have been great - but this is not acceptable if I'm to continue using the phone *as designed*. Therefore, I'm voting with my feet. 'Power user' - so you don't seem to be one.
  • Mr G.
    I shall be taking part by laughing at anyone trying to use 3G on O2 at any time. O2 has the worst 3G network which is why they have tried to make up with wifi access.
  • The B.
    Mr Goggles, I would have to disagree, O2 was flakey when I was on it but I've managed to get 3G maybe 5 times in the 2 months I've been on Vodafone, it drops out down to gprs continuously.
  • The B.
    Sorry, bloody spellchecker on my phone changed Greggles.
  • tin
    Mr Goggles, I would have to agree, in my area and everywhere else I choose to visit by the seems of it, including the vast majority of the M6, o2's network is fucking dreadful.
  • -]
    "If it brings the O2 network to its knees, the stunt will go a long way to showing that O2 are right to start charging more for data." No it won't - a group of users making a concerted effort to use lots of bandwidth will go a long to showing that a group of users making a concerted effort to use lots of bandwidth use lots of bandwidth.
  • Hoolie
    lol if anyone uses that much data anyway i would be amazed, check on what you are using at the moment, unless you spend all day streaming from youtube as a normal user you will not get near the o2 limit, hay ho it is great watching all the uninformed moaning...

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