Now Halifax will share your income details with retailers offering discounts

29 August 2013

cashWe like offers at Bitterwallet. We think discounts are divine, cashback is cool and that vouchers are vonderful. But just how personal should retailer offers get? Postcode? Shopping habits? How much you earn?

Halifax bank are launching a new scheme called Halifax Cashback Extras which will see retailers offering you tailored offers, like a 5-15% discount when paying with your Halifax card. The process is streamlined, with no need for codes or vouchers, just a simple opt in on your internet statement.

So far so good. The new scheme is being run in conjunction with Cardlytics, a US-grown company that works with 400 US banks and which has generated sales growth for partner brands of up to 30%.

But the real deal with this scheme is that retailers will be able to target you, not only by where you live, but through your shopping habits and even how much you earn, through data volunteered by the bank. While we all like the idea of getting a great offer, we might be less enamoured with the idea of being excluded from offers because of our income levels and other personal shopping data, particularly if these fluctuate from month to month.

Cardlytics, however, believe the scheme “will resonate well with customers.”

Initial partner companies for the Halifax Cashback Plus include Ocado, Morrisons, Argos, Homebase, Pets at Home and New Look.

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  • Mustapha S.
    I think its a great idea. No point offering 10% off a price of a BMW 1 series to some feckless Tennants swilling fox bummer on benefits. They'll want a VW GTI instead.
  • Richard
    @ Mustapha The problem is, those kind of people are exactly the people who will get a 10% price reduction because if you earn enough to buy it anyway they don't need to give you a discount.
  • shiftynifty
    “will resonate well with customers.”....shit speak for monitoring and selling you shit you thought you needed but did not need
  • algernon
    oh is that what its about. "being excluded from offers because of [my] income levels" is fine, then that means i spend less on tat, no?

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