NFL in the UK: Banning your bags

Large stadium events are always a bit of a faff, be it the limited amount of beer thanks to some watery lager sponsor, or be it it something to do with only being able to pay for things on certain credit cards.

Everyone knows the drill by now.

However, with the NFL coming to the UK, they've pulled a fast one that is almost impressive in its pointlessness. Basically, you can't take any bag at all into Wembley stadium. Look at this exhaustive list of prohibited bags, which of course, are banned 'for your safety', even if you've been to big stadium shindigs before and managed to avoid a backpack maiming.



If you have a bag for your medicine and whatever, that's fine, but as the warning leaflet says: "entry will be permitted, however you may experience a delay in entering the stadium."

So what is fine then? What is permitted? Why, NFL approved bags you can buy outside the ground, which of course, are considerably safer than your average bag.


Of course, a huge sporting franchise taking the Michael at a enormodome is along the lines of "is the Pope Catholic?", but this is next level ridiculousness.

If you want to watch an informative video and, if you're going to any of the games and want to know the exact dimensions of purses that women are allowed to take, click here for the NFL's official take on the whole thing.


  • Oliver
    To be fair, they haven't actually put this into practice. At the game two weeks ago I walked in with a messenger bag and two ASDA carriers.
  • Kevin
    If you don't want to be searched then have one of these bags otherwise you will take all of 15 seconds being searched. Was true last year and is still true this year. It became a non-story last year when they pointed out that so many people have to bring bags, that we don't all take a small drive from a few miles away like they do in normal NFL games in the US.
  • Alexis
    Who needs the NFL the most in the UK? The NFL or Wembley?

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