Moneysupermarket to start trading in YOU


If you think you weren't being exploited enough by advertisers, think again. are hoping to develop a new revenue stream worth millions, by selling consumer data from approximately a third of the UK.

Advertisers will have access to a wealth of personal data, if these plans go ahead. Moneysupermarket revealed that their financial growth over the next 12 months would be driven by the exploitation of the company's data and users.

"The data asset in Moneysupermarket is a real foundation for growth," said Peter Plumb, chief executive. "I don't think there's any other business out there that has the breadth and depth of quote data that we have."

The company, whose revenue passed £225 million in 2013, expect that they can rake in around £10 million from this, but stress that it wants to offer trend data rather than sell off individual customer data.

Now throw your internet into the sea.  We're all for sale basically.

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  • jiggle
    They're late to the game. Experian, Call Credit, Zoopla, Right Move and the insurance companies and banks have all been selling access to customer/registered user data for a while. I've been buying this data for a business and the level of detail is insane.

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