Microsoft have been reading people's private emails

msn_hotmail Do you have a hotmail email account? Firstly - what is this? 1998? Secondly, you might want to know that Microsoft aren't exactly fussed about your privacy. You see, they've admitted that they read the Hotmail inbox of a blogger while they were investigating a software leak.

John Frank, deputy general counsel for Microsoft, said it took "extraordinary actions in this case" and, to keep the lawyers away, the search itself was technically legal.

What happened was that Microsoft's snooping came to light during a legal case by US prosecutors against an ex-Microsoft employee, Alex Kibalko.

Microsoft were looking into the blogger had been given stolen lines of code from Windows 8. The blogger released screenshots of the code to his blog and Microsoft wanted to find the source of the leak. And so they started looking at the emails in the blogger's accounts, so they could find the name of the employee dishing out secrets.

This snooping is allowed within Microsoft's terms of service, which say: "Microsoft reserves the right to review materials posted to the Communication Services and to remove any materials in its sole discretion."

However, people are still unhappy with that and there are more debates about privacy violations of tech companies cropping up and, in addition to that, it has to be pointed out that Microsoft have been vocally critical of Google's scanning of users emails, leaving them looking not only like nosey-parkers, but hypocrites too.

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