is latest dating site to be hacked If being single isn't tough enough, all the baddies on the internet are going after their dating profiles. AshleyMadison was the big profile hack, complete with leaks, and now, has been compromised as well.

A security alert was issued by an outfit called Malwarebytes, and they noted that the dating site was hacked and has spilled data all over the place. A hackers version of a money shot, if you like.

Malwarebytes said the site has fallen victim to malvertising, which looks to swindle the lonely out of their hard earned money. It is thought that there's 5.5 million users at risk from this attack, which happens to be based on the Bedep trojan for those of you who know about this sort of thing. In plain English, it means that ne'er-do-wells can get at a load of private info and start trying to cadge money from you.

"The cost per thousand impressions for the booby trapped ad was only 36c, which is nothing compared to how much infected computers can bring in terms of revenues. For instance, CryptoWall demands $500 per victim," said Jerome Segura, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes.

"We alerted and the related advertisers, but the malvertising campaign is still ongoing via other routes."

A spokesperson for told The Inquirer: "We take the security of our members very seriously indeed. We are currently investigating this alleged issue."


  • Gale
    My free profile was up for a short period last year and now I am getting flooding with emails. Firstly someone has reactivated my account and changed everything. They say they are a man and the emails are flooding into my email. I have tried blocking spamming, and they keep coming.. So fed up with this...Februray 2016
  • JM
    My match account was hacked by a man yesterday. Match just sent me an email to reset my password. Today I lost control of my account again and Match has weekend off. I called them yesterday. Customer service was bad

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