Marks & Spencer down after data breach

marks and spencer Marks & Spencer took their website down for two hours, as it turned out that customers could see other people's details when they logged in to their accounts. Yep. It's another data breach!

Now, M&S said that no-one’s details were compromised by the ‘internal technical problem’, but they said sorry, given that everyone is particularly jumpy about such things at the moment. Some people said they logged in and could see other people's orders and payment details.

A spokesperson for M&S said that the whole thing was a "technical issue" and that customers may have been able to see the last four digits of another person’s payment card "for a brief moment", but the actual card details are encrypted, so there's no need to worry.

"There were no financial details compromised at all," the spokesperson said; "We weren't hacked by a third party. It was an internal technical problem."

Another spokesperson added: "Due to a technical issue we temporarily suspended our website last night. This allowed us to thoroughly investigate and resolve the issue and quickly restore service for our customers. We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused."

This is all a bit embarrassing, seeing as there's likely to be a number of new customers signing up to the site, thanks to the Sparks scheme.

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