Landlord spies on tenant with hidden cameras

peeping-tom-spy Here's a little story about a landlord being outstandingly awful. Of course, we all know that most landlords are sub-human scum, but in New York, a tenant found her landlords to be next level awful.

A young student was offered an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a deal that looked like it was too good to be true. Obviously, it turned out to be exactly that. The student in question is suing her landlords for allegedly being Peeping Toms after they installed illegal cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of her apartment.

Aksana Kuzmitskaya is suing her former employers and landlords Eli Kadoch and Michel Kadoe who own and manage the New York apartment. Aksana was hired by Kadoch and Kadoe's company, 7 West 82nd Street LLC, to maintain and clean apartments in the nine-unit brownstone building.

She moved into her pad after Kadoe and Kadoch made a request for her to do as much. She was offered her room and board as part of her employee package. Rent-free living in NYC! Sounds great doesn't it? However, according to the lawsuit, over the space of around 6 months, the defendants amassed at least 70 videos of her engaging in private acts.

The suit says that the landlords engaged in “intentional infringement on her privacy rights.”

You know where this is going. The landlords are alleged to have spied on Kuzmitskaya while she either in her underwear or naked, sometimes showering, sometimes having sex. Sounds like someone enjoyed the Sharon Stone film, 'Sliver', a little too much, doesn't it?

The defendants allegedly maintained a live feed, so they will have seen her discover the cameras and then calling the police. That must have been fun for the landlords, eh? If she didn't rip them all out in anger, her landlords will also have some lovely footage of the police entering the flat and seizing the surveillance devices, wireless remotes, laptops and other equipment.

Funnily enough, if the landlords get sent to prison, they'll also have free board where they'll be watched constantly while they defecate and the like.

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  • Fat H.
    Apparently the landlord took out a buy-to-letch mortgage.

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