Kiddicare confirm data breach

Kiddicare breach

Kiddicare have suffered a data breach, which has compromised names, delivery addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of up to 800,000 customers.

You may have used Kiddicare to buy a pram, kid's car seat, and a host of other parenting things. The retailer has sent out an email to 794,000 people who they think might have been affected by this breach.

The retailer said that they were first aware of a potential breach after some customers reported that they had received phishing attempts, which has been pretending to be an online survey.

Kiddicare looked into it, and were able to match compromised credentials to some information they'd loaded into a test server last year.

Importantly, no credit card data seems to have been lost during this leak, and the breach has been handed over to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) who regulate things like this in the United Kingdom.

In a statement, a Kiddicare spokesperson said: "We are very sorry for the potential stress and anxiety this incident may have caused our customers. We want to reassure everyone that the problem has been fixed, increased security measures have been implemented and we have a dedicated team here to help with any further concerns."

What To Do Next?

If you think you've been affected thanks to the Kiddicare breach, you should change your login credentials and passwords. In fact, it is worth doing it even if you haven't.

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