Is your sex data vulnerable?

22 May 2015

sex with glass You invariably indulge in safe sex, but is your sex data equally safe?

Well, if you're a user of Adult FriendFinder, you should know about a hack that has taken place, with millions of accounts potentially breached.

Adult FriendFinder has over 63million users, and had been hit by ne'er-do-wells who have made off with a load of personal information. With that, comes people's sexual preferences and whether or not you intend to cheat on your partner.

Email addresses, dates of birth and post codes were also taken, even if you deleted your account. This all smells like potential blackmail material, so get your excuses ready now.

For newer couples, just pretend you had the account before you met your current beau. If you've been with your partner for 30-odd years, then you might not need to worry too much as they might be on there as well, through being thoroughly disillusioned with your relationship. Hey! It might be just the thing to put some pep into your relationship, eh?

FriendFinder Networks Inc said: "We have already begun working closely with law enforcement and have launched a comprehensive investigation with the help of leading third-party forensics expert. We pledge to take the appropriate steps needed to protect our customers if they are affected."

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  • dvdgremlin
    I went on this site years ago. The only ladies on there all seemed to be working girls. There weren't many on there anyway and they say the ratio is 16 men to 1 lady. you would have to be pretty daft to give genuine details simply to have a look (my excuse). it was obvious that they kept your details after you came off as they are still sending me emails many years later. I must have unsubscribed about 15 times too. btw, any site that wants your details to get on give a false dob to it. it's one of the things they need for identity theft.

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