Is your Outlook filled with spam?

Is your Outlook filled with spam?

Has your Outlook or Hotmail account been jammed with an unusual amount of spam this week?

Don't worry - you've not been phished or hacked, or anything nefarious like that.

Microsoft has said that they've had a problem with their email filters, which basically means that they have been briefly prevented from properly screening junk mail.

That means you have probably been inundated with offers of all manner of dodgy tablets that promise to make certain bits of your anatomy 40 times larger, that'll go off like a Howitzer cannon.

Microsoft first acknowledged this problem on Tuesday evening, and later on, they said that they'd put a couple of fixes in place, to protect those who use their service.

On their Office 365 service page, they noted that users "may be receiving excessive spam mail."

Don't fret though - it is just a blip. Many have worried on social media, that this is something to do with the huge hacks that have been taking place recently, but rest assured, this is just a run-of-the-mill admin problem.

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