"If you did nothing wrong, what are you afraid of?"

Maybe I'm afraid of people who end their sentences with prepositions. But the larger point is that other people's rights are not ours to give away. Remember this on cops ads paranoia?


Take this recent bit in The Hunts Post that involves the police asking for a little help from ... well, anyone with an Internet connection, actually.

Police in Cambridgeshire are hoping that the woman pushing her shopping trolley in their CCTV picture from  Morrison's can help them solve a theft. (we can't post it here due to Hunts Post copyrighting the picture, but you can view it on their site). The police absolve themselves of invading the privacy of the person pictured by stating that she "may not be connected with a crime," but they'd still really like for her to turn herself in answer a few questions to help out with the investigation.

A CCTV image has been released by police of a woman they would like to speak to in connection with a theft in Cambourne. Officers would like to talk to the pictured woman, who may be able to help with their enquiries into a theft from Morrisons supermarket on February 25.

INFORMATION: The Hunts Post publishes CCTV images in partnership with Cambridgeshire police. The person/people pictured in the image may not be connected with a crime but may be able to help police with their investigations. Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0845 4564564 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

Not only does the image look like any other large average sized and middle-aged female shopper sprawled across a number of Morrisons as we speak, but "publishing a woman's likeness on the Internet in hopes that by exposing her to the entire online world, we can recover £56 worth of stolen rashers" or something like that raises the question of how far privacy invasion laws are really there to protect the innocent.

[The Hunts Post]


  • Lumoruk
    Flog her, like the edits Vince :thumbsup:
  • Jill
    Have they not been doing this for years?
  • Chools
    Brilliant... and if she likes the photo "Seen your photo in the paper or on this website? Now you can order your own copy via our new photo ordering site, myphotos24".
  • Wayne
    no different to wanted posters or crimewatch, whats the big deal? bit of a non story really
  • GreyScale
    Its the same as wanted posters and crimewatch with a small difference - this woman could well be completely innocent. Would you be happy if it was your face in the CCTV shot (with the copy not saying you are guilty of shoplifting, but equally not denying it either). Complete misuse of power, this is the sort of thing we can expect to see more of I guess. CCTV should be used to help the police do their their job, not spammed on the internet for the public to point fingers and judge. Very unprofessional of that site and the police.

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