HP unveil screen that people can't see

HP unveil screen that people can't see

You may have read our headline literally, and thought 'what's the use of a screen you can't see?'

Well, HP have come up with a laptop that is designed in such a way, that people sat near you won't be able to look at.

Great news if you value a bit of privacy while you're on your laptop among other people, or indeed, you're quite taken with watching mucky videos in coffee shops while you use their free WiFi.

This new screen cuts off viewing angles when you press the special button, and it does this by stopping quite so much light emitting from the side of your monitor.

Basically, you should only be able to see the screen when you're looking at it dead-on.

However, some people who have tried it out have noted that it actually makes your screen quite dark, which means that it is also difficult for the main user to look at as well.

This new feature is called Sure View, and is going to be available on two HP laptops: the EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840.

If you're not prepared to buy one of these laptops, you can just erect a cardboard fort around yourself, which won't make you look thoroughly suspicious at all.

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