HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 30th June

hukd_logob1 Are you the kind of impossibly cool ‘dude’ who enjoys drinking fruity booze, pre-purchasing mobile data and stopping the colours from draining out of your clothes? We thought so.

This is the bit for you then – the day’s finest bargains, gleaned from HotUKDeals...

data-tngMore and more of us busy Brits are stuffing dongles into our pockets whenever we go anywhere. The handy little gizmos allow us to pull data from out of the ether and transform it into pictures, words and on rare occasions, jerky videos.

Here’s a great way to get some cheap ‘data’ for your ‘dongle’ – a pay as you 1GB data allowance for the mighty Three organisation. Top up through the Three site and this would cost you a tenner – this one is yours for only £4.00. Thumbs aloft!

966894_1Next, and unsurprisingly, booze. It’s shown signs of being summer out there this week and what with Wimbledon being on as well, more and more of us boozy Brits are saying ‘sod everything – its Pimms o’clock’.

Sadly, it’s a saying that can set the teeth of right-thinking folk on edge and make them want to attack the speaker with the aforementioned Pimms bottle. You can do all of that cheaper now as a litre can be had for only £9.49, as opposed to the usual £20 mark.

967616_1Finally today, one for those of you who are fond of catching colours in your washing machine with the help of the popular product known as Colour Catchers. So, that’s everyone then? Excellent.

You can catch all the colours that the human mind could possibly imagine (we think there’s 14 of them) in one of these things before opening the front door and letting them all go free back into the wild. Only £1.45 a box, about half prince. Amazing scenes...

(deals found by HUKD members nicoleisapayne, joyf4536 and babyblue)

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    Your pimms and three links are embedded the wrong way round....

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