Has your email been leaked after hack? Find out!

spy spying Sometimes, it feels like the whole of the internet has been hacked, leaking everyone's personal business in public. It is hard to keep up with all the leaks, and it is even harder to remember all the accounts you've opened online.

Thankfully, someone's put a site together so you can see if your details have been compromised, and it is called 'Have I Been Pwned?' You can see it here, if you're already tired of reading these words.

The site has information from 66 sites that are known to have been compromised and the like (pwned, if you like) including Ashley Madison, VTech, Adobe, Tesco, Adult Friend Finder, Sony, Minecraft Pocket Edition and more.

You put details in the site and it'll reveal info about any information being leaked, when it happened, the cause, and how many accounts of yours have been affected. The screen turns red, just so you're in no doubt of your information being compromised.

This is a useful tool if you don't have time to trawl the internet and want some peace of mind.


  • John C.
  • Tina H.
    Possibly Hotmail but not sure
  • Lucy n.
  • Claire y.
    Have I been hacked
  • Amanda
  • Gemma S.
    Have i
  • Emily
  • Jessie J.
    Please tell me if I've been hacked. Here are all my details on an open forum. The IQ level of some of these fuckwits must be in minus figures. Bang bang all over you.
  • PIe M.
    Put your email address into that website and you defintely WILL get eleventy billion tons of spam.

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