G+ is just a spying exercise for Google

google-plus-logo Seeing as G+ has been such a rousing failure for Google, ever wondered why they didn't just delete it, like all their other unpopular products, like Wave and Buzz?

G+ may not have been embraced by users, but anyone who has a Gmail account or a YouTube channel, will have been using it and sending very valuable data to Google - it might not be a decent social network, but G+ is proving to be an excellent surveillance tool for the internet giant.

Plus is, in essence, all your accounts rolled into one, so Google know who your mates are through your emails, sees what you're putting into their Maps and observes everything you do through their services.

If they want to woo advertisers, then this data is gold dust. And they're getting loads of new sign-ups too. Want to comment on a YouTube video? It is mandatory that you get a G+ account. This, naturally, has set alarm bells ringing for people with antitrust concerns.

Even the Federal Trade Commission are looking at the whole thing suspiciously.

Now brands and companies are being dragged in, with Google offering packages which involve 'prime placement' in Google Search. Basically, if you want help with your SEO, then use Plus because you'll get better placement than if you spend all your time with their rivals. WHICH ISN'T ROPEY AT ALL.


  • BingHole
    It's hardly ground breaking news is it? How do you think they have been able to provide advertisers with targeted customer lists to promote their product's to potential customers? I can't wait until for you guys find out about Google's remarketing operations, it'll blow your fucking mind.
  • jiggle
    Or the gmail ads that enable you to upload specific lists of emails to target. It wasn't created out of the goodness of their heart, they want data (same as facebook/twitter). Tired of the privacy moaning. Stop using social networks, or accept that they own everything you put on them and be pleased the ads you'll see are more relevant to you.
  • Slacker
    In other news, social network exists only to mine your data and pimp it to advertisers. Who knew?

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