Foxtons - hacked for tens of thousands of customers' details?

foxtons Foxtons are attempting to figure out whether or not hackers have stolen the details of 10,000 property hunters that are registered with the estate agent.

The list of account holders was leaked anonymously onto hacker site, Pastebin and it apparently shows thousands of user names, partially obscured passwords and email addresses.

"It has come to our attention that there were some reports circulating on the internet today suggesting that a small number of user names and passwords to the MyFoxtons web portal were briefly posted to a website. We have been able to download the list of usernames and passwords that were posted and are currently running checks to determine its veracity," said Foxtons in a statement.

Foxtons don't seem to know how many users have been affected, but their warning email to customers was labelled 'part one', so investigations are obviously ongoing.

Mercifully, no financial information has been compromised, but users are advised to change their passwords.


  • Chewbie
    Could say that someone has bummed foxtons big time. Flex wit da erb!
  • shiftynifty
    I bet the other estate agents were all over it like a rash

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